Endodontic Therapy

Endodontics therapy deals with diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental pulp disorders. These treatments are designed to cure diseased or impaired teeth. A root canal procedure is an endodontic treatment performed to remove the diseased pulp, thus saving the tooth structure and eliminating the pain. It will stop the spread of the infection and reinstate the tooth's functionality. At Kids & Adult Dental Care in Indianapolis, we provide safe and comfortable root canal treatments. 

When Is a Root Canal Treatment Needed?

The pulp is the soft tissue present beneath the hard layers of the tooth. Any damage to the pulp restricts the blood supply to nerves, vessels, and tissue fibers within the tooth and causes infections and tooth pain. When the infected bacteria break down the pulp, the tooth becomes weakened and vulnerable to cracks and breakage. A root canal procedure becomes necessary to treat the infection and save the tooth from extraction.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Stop Toothaches
An infected tooth can cause unbearable pain. Root canal treatments help eliminate the source of pain by removing the infected pulp.

Prevent Further Infection
If your tooth has become decayed, it does not take long before the infection can become more severe and spread throughout the mouth. A root canal treatment will remove any bacteria present inside the tooth and prevent future infections of the treated tooth.

Preserve Your Teeth
If an infected dental pulp is not addressed promptly, it may result in an extraction. A root canal procedure will help prevent avoidable extractions. In addition, they preserve the natural tooth structure and restore its functionality and strength.

The Root Canal Procedure

Before beginning the procedure, our dentists will administer local anesthesia to make you comfortable. Once you are numb, a dental barrier is used to isolate the affected tooth, and then an opening is made on the tooth's surface to access the root canals. The diseased pulp, decay, and bacteria are thoroughly cleaned out from the tooth's core. Next, the root canals are disinfected and packed with a medicated material called gutta-percha. The tooth will be sealed with a temporary filling to ensure a speedy recovery.
We will again check for any complications or signs of infection during the subsequent visit. The temporary filling is removed and packed with a permanent filling. If you need a dental crown to protect the tooth further, we will take impressions and send them to our dental lab. We will ensure your new restoration matches the color of your existing teeth.

To learn more about our root canal treatments, visit our Kids & Adult Dental Care offices in Franklin and Indianapolis. You can also reach us at (317)560-5556 & (317)991-4725.   


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